Buy PrEP Online

Buy PrEP Online

Protect yourself from HIV infection.

PrEP for HIV prevention

PrEP is a single dose pill used for HIV prevention. PrEP effectively protecting from HIV infection during anal and vaginal sex with person that is HIV positive. PrEP is recommended for men having sex with men without condom.

How to take PrEP safely

  • arrange doctor consultation
  • make 4th generation HIV test or HIV viral load test to assess properly your HIV status
  • make STI check-up including syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and hepatitis C
  • make a blood test including kidney and liver functions status

Once you cleared by doctor and lab results, then you can start taking PrEP

  • once you start taking PrEP give yourself a week till medicine will start protecting you
  • be consistent, take pill everyday around same time; it is most effective way of protection against HIV infection
  • do regular doctor consultation and HIV plus STI testing (once every six months)

What PrEP we offer

In PrEP 24 net we offer standard PrEP and generic PrEP medications. We always verify batches and issue documentations with our partner clinics specializes in HIV treatment and prevention in Bangkok and Bali.

Generic versions are simply cheaper. But if you trust more original manufacturers then select standard treatment.